Artavolo Announces New Affiliation with TSD Group

Artavolo Joins Forces with TSD Group to Revolutionize Project Management Software

Artavolo, Ltd. is thrilled to announce its new partnership with TSD Group, Ltd., marking a significant milestone in our journey towards innovation and excellence in project management software. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to providing cutting-edge, no-code database solutions that empower teams worldwide.

Artavolo stands out as a versatile no-code database platform that enables users to effortlessly create, collaborate on, and manage databases without any coding knowledge. Our platform transcends traditional project and task management tools by offering powerful, customizable templates tailored for diverse teams, including marketing, sales, product management, engineering, support, design, and more.

"Joining the TSD Group is an exciting new chapter for Artavolo," says Boyko Markov, Founder & CEO of Artavolo. "Three years ago, we set out to develop a platform that enhances productivity and streamlines project management, inspired by leading global solutions. Today, we take a significant step forward by partnering with TSD, a leader in technological innovation. This partnership will bring a wealth of new features and improvements to our users, offering enhanced capabilities, improved user experiences, and greater flexibility."

German Gachevski, Founder & CEO of TSD, shares this enthusiasm: "We are delighted to welcome Artavolo to the TSD Group family. Artavolo is a top-tier software product developed by a talented Bulgarian team, poised to compete with popular global project management tools. This strategic partnership underscores our commitment to driving innovation and delivering exceptional value to businesses worldwide. Together, we will simplify and streamline project management for organizations, enabling them to achieve greater efficiency and success."

As part of this collaboration, Artavolo will leverage TSD's extensive technological expertise to propel our platform to new heights. Users can look forward to a host of innovative features and continuous improvements that reflect our shared vision of making people's lives easier and more organized.

This partnership signifies our dedication to constant improvement and innovation. We are confident that our users will greatly benefit from the enhanced capabilities and innovations that this collaboration will bring. Stay tuned for exciting updates and new features as we embark on this promising journey together with TSD Group.

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About Artavolo:Artavolo is a no-code database platform designed to simplify project management and enhance productivity for diverse teams. Founded in Bulgaria, Artavolo offers powerful, customizable solutions that empower users to organize their work more effectively.

About TSD Group:TSD Group, Ltd. is a leader in innovative software solutions, dedicated to driving technological advancements and delivering exceptional value to businesses worldwide. With a focus on continuous improvement, TSD Group is committed to supporting the growth and success of its affiliates and partners.