What's New


From the previous changelog, a lot of new things have that we can talk about. 

The biggest and most significant change is the completely new look of the base view. We worked on the user experience of the application, the goal was to make it more convenient to work, and the settings more accessible and easy for use. 

Another thing that is of vital importance is speed. We've made some app optimizations that should be noticeable. 

Subscription plans also have changes. You can now customize them according to your needs. 

In Grid view we have a number of improvements as well as new functionalities. A Formula column is one of them. 

Also, a new Cards view was added. Through it you can show the records from the base like cards.


Webhooks can be used in order to inform 3rd party systems when rows in Artavolo have been created, updated or deleted. Receive real-time notifications about all changes that are made in your database by setting webhooks. You can even trigger a test to make sure everything works before saving it.


New Duration & Time Grid columns. Improved UX of Multi Text Grid, Due Date & Start date columns. Updated the Summary UI for Select columns. Users can optionally set up a Default value for Numeric, Date, Select and Text columns.

Files management is easier. A new File editor is available. You can use it to upload files in your sheets. You can also manage all files from a Files tab.


Artavolo is now official. Sign in/up are now available.


Grid view Image Column - It's now possible to add and remove images in the Grid view cells.


Share Sheet - you can now share an entire sheet. Click "Share" to generate a shared link to the sheet or generate an embed code.


Reorder Sorts - It's now possible to drag to reorder sorting criteria. 


Column Description - You can describe a column in just a few clicks.


International Dates - You can now select the appropriate date format for your location!


Two Factor Authentication - Add an additional level of security to your Artavolo account with the introduction of two factor authentication.


Kanban - with the Kanban board, you can visualize your workflow in a board of columns. Click and drag to move task cards between different columns, or reorder them within a column.