What's New


Webhooks can be used in order to inform 3rd party systems when rows in Artavolo have been created, updated or deleted. Receive real-time notifications about all changes that are made in your database by setting webhooks. You can even trigger a test to make sure everything works before saving it.


New Duration & Time Grid columns. Improved UX of Multi Text Grid, Due Date & Start date columns. Updated the Summary UI for Select columns. Users can optionally set up a Default value for Numeric, Date, Select and Text columns.

Files management is easier. A new File editor is available. You can use it to upload files in your sheets. You can also manage all files from a Files tab.


Artavolo is now official. Sign in/up are now available.


Grid view Image Column - It's now possible to add and remove images in the Grid view cells.


Share Sheet - you can now share an entire sheet. Click "Share" to generate a shared link to the sheet or generate an embed code.


Reorder Sorts - It's now possible to drag to reorder sorting criteria. 


Column Description - You can describe a column in just a few clicks.


International Dates - You can now select the appropriate date format for your location!


Two Factor Authentication - Add an additional level of security to your Artavolo account with the introduction of two factor authentication.


Kanban - with the Kanban board, you can visualize your workflow in a board of columns. Click and drag to move task cards between different columns, or reorder them within a column.