Create an appointment sheet and connect it to your Google Calendar via Zapier

With Artavolo you can create an appointment sheet with an easy submit-by form.

The quickest way to do that is to use our template called Appointment with a doctor.

When the sheet is ready you have to create a Zap with our shared Zapier Template.

When the hook link is ready for copy you have to create a webhook in your Artavolo sheet. 

More about webhook creation you can see here.

Please enable Use field name instead Id, select Method POST and insert the URL from Zapier for the hook. 

Notice that you must select only Rows are created for "Which events should trigger this webhook?".

When the webhook is ready you must create one new row in your sheet so that artavolo will send a hook to Zapier. 

Then you have to return to Zapier and click on the button Test trigger.

Now you can see the event was triggered. Select the event request A and click on the Continue with selected record.

In the section Account, you have to connect your Google account with Zapier. When it's ready click on Continue.

Now you are going to configure the Google Calendar.

*Calendar - select the calendar you want to add the events.

Summary - select the data you want to fill the event title. For Example: Data Rows Patient Name - Data Rows Visit

Description - add more data for the description. For example Data Rows Complaints

* Start Date & Time - select Data Rows Appointment Date 

* End Date & Time - select Data Rows Appointment Date

Click Continue and Test step. If the step failed because of Data Time field just click Skip step & Publish.

Now you are ready to use your Sheet Form to add appointments in your Sheet and Google Calendar.

Notice! Please ensure you have selected a TimeZone in your Zapier profile.