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Explore how Artavolo empowers your design teams from ideation to execution, ensuring they deliver projects with flair and finesse.

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Leverage the power of Artavolo templates to steer your design team towards triumphant product launches.

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Excel in your design endeavors with Artavolo.

Explore how Artavolo empowers your design teams to bring their creative visions to life, from brainstorming sessions to perfecting the final details, ensuring every project is delivered with flair and finesse.

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Lists representing different stages of the design process, such as "Ideation," "Concept Development," "Design Review," "Revision," and "Finalization." Each list contains cards representing individual tasks, projects, or design iterations.


Cards within each list containing detailed information about specific design tasks, including descriptions, due dates, assigned team members, and labels for categorization. Task cards may also include checklists for tracking progress and subtasks for breaking down complex tasks into manageable steps.


Sections for storing and organizing design assets, such as sketches, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. These sections may include attachments, links to cloud storage services, or embedded previews of design files.


Lists or boards dedicated to managing client feedback and collaboration on design projects. These sections enable designers to gather feedback from clients or stakeholders, track revisions, and communicate with team members and clients effectively


Lists or boards for conducting design reviews and obtaining approvals from stakeholders. These sections may include cards representing design presentations, meeting agendas, or approval workflows.


Collaboration features such as commenting, @mentions, and attachments facilitate communication and collaboration among team members throughout the design process.


Gain a new perspective on your tasks with the right visualization.

Empower your design team with Kanban View to ensure project launches are seamless and well-coordinated, minimizing last-minute disruptions.

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Elevate your design team's efficiency with automated productivity enhancements

Experience seamless design workflows with Artavolo, offering simplicity, adaptability, and personalized features. Utilize integrated Automations to effortlessly connect preferred applications and tools with Artavolo, consolidating essential data into a cohesive platform for heightened productivity.

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Automate your Designs.

As you focus on crafting exceptional designs, let Automations enhance your efficiency.

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What Design professionals love about Artavolo

As a designer, I appreciate the simplicity of Artavolo. It allows me to focus on my work without getting bogged down in complicated project management tools.

Sebastiana, Design Lead.

Artavolo’s minimalist design and clean interface make it a pleasure to use. It’s streamlined our design process and improved collaboration within our team.

Petya, UI/UX Designer.

Artavolo is perfect for design teams. It’s simple enough for everyone to use, yet powerful enough to manage complex design projects effectively

Peter, Graphics Designer.

Artavolo helps us stay organized and focused on our design projects. Its simplicity allows us to spend more time on creative work and less time on managing tasks.

Zdravko, Design Team Member.

Creating tailored workflows for each campaign is a breeze with Artavolo. Tracking progress and managing deadlines has never been easier.

Ivan, Digital Marketing Specialist.

We rely on Artavolo to organize our design projects and track progress. Its simplicity has made project management much more efficient for our team..

Emilia, Design Developer.

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