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Explore the seamless journey from nurturing leads to clinching deals with sales workflows at Artavolo. Witness the collective victory for your team, company, and valued customers.

Sales Templates

Save your team time and energy on creating new boards from scratch. Level-up your sales game and delight prospective customers with over 10 pre-built template boards for any workflow - similar.

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Your sales team's digital workspace

Accelerate deal closures with lightning-fast efficiency while maintaining a firm grip on every lead, even when meeting clients in the field. Keep your sales momentum strong and your customer interactions seamless with robust tools that support you every step of the way

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Sales pipeline templates which offer a streamlined approach to managing leads and deals. Organize prospects, track progress through stages like Contacted, Qualified, and Closed, and collaborate seamlessly with your team. With customizable cards and labels, stay on top of every opportunity from start to finish, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.


Client Onboarding template in Artavolo streamlines the process of welcoming new clients. Easily track inquiries, schedule discovery calls, manage proposal submissions, and monitor contract signings. With organized lists and customizable cards, ensure a smooth onboarding experience for both your team and your clients, from initial contact to project kick-off.


Integration with file-sharing services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, where team members can upload and access project-related documents, spreadsheets, and other files.


Tools or integrations for tracking time spent on tasks or projects, which can be especially important for remote teams to ensure productivity and accountability


Templates may include pre-made checklists or workflows that outline common processes or steps involved in particular types of projects, helping to standardize and streamline work for remote teams.


Integration with other collaboration tools such as Slack to facilitate real-time communication and collaboration among remote team members.


Gain a new perspective on your tasks with the right visualization.

Empower your remote team with Kanban View to ensure project launches are seamless and well-coordinated, minimizing last-minute disruptions.

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Automate Your Remote Team’s Productivity

Effortlessly optimize your remote operations with Artavolo's seamless blend of simplicity, adaptability, and customization. Harnessing built-in Automations, effortlessly integrate your favorite apps and tools with Artavolo, consolidating vital data into a single, centralized platform for unparalleled productivity gains.

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Effortless workflow with Artavolo's Automation

Artavolo's integrated automation simplifies the process of automating routine tasks, freeing up your team to concentrate on the most important work without being bogged down by mundane activities.

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What Sales professionals love about Artavolo

The visual kanban boards make it easy to see where each lead is in the pipeline. We can quickly identify bottlenecks and take action.

Georgi, Account Executive.

Artavolo has transformed our sales process. We now track leads and follow-ups seamlessly, improving our close rates.

Plamen, Sales Manager.

Our sales team faced challenges in tracking leads and managing follow-ups. By using Artavolo, we improved team collaboration and boosted overall sales performance by providing real-time insights and centralized data.

Zdravko, Sales Representation.

Our sales team struggled with tracking leads, managing follow-ups, and coordinating efforts across different regions. We needed a solution that could centralize our data and streamline our workflow. Implementing Artavolo allowed us to customize our sales pipelines, automate follow-up reminders, and integrate with our CRM. The visual boards provided a clear overview of our sales process, making it easier to manage and prioritize leads.

Boyko, Regional Sales Director.

The ability to customize our pipelines and automate tasks has saved us so much time. Artavolo keeps our team organized and focused. In additon, the automated follow-up reminders have been invaluable. We no longer miss follow-ups, and our response times have improved dramatically

Tihomir, Sales Specialist.

We evaluated and implemented Artavolo to centralize the sales management processes. With Artavolo, the sales team customized their boards to fit their specific workflows, automated routine follow-up reminders, and integrated the platform with an old existing CRM system. This allowed them to track every lead from initial contact to closing, ensuring no opportunity was overlooked.

Bilyana, Sales Operations Specialist.

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