Embedding a Sheet

It is possible to embed an Artavolo sheet into any web page. The code which you will add to your web page is generated automatically and all you need to do is to paste it in your web page. Note that an embedded sheet cannot be edited by a user. It will be readonly.

Embed a Sheet

Click the "Share" button at the top-right corner of an open sheet. This will open up a window with sharing options.

After you click the "Share" button a dialog will be displayed.

Click "Guest Access" which will bring up a new dialog. You will see several tabs. To embed a sheet into your website, click "Base settings". Make sure that guests are allowed to view the sheet and copy the Embed the sheet in your website code.

See a short video here:

After you paste the code in your web page, you will be able to see the embedded sheet. Note that in the embedded sheet, you cannot add rows, edit data, add columns. It is a read-only view.