Enterprise customers: Create self-hosted database instance

In this Article we will learn how to connect self-hosted MySQL/MariaDB database instance to your stand-alone Artavolo Enterprise application.

MySQL/MariaDB server.

Create a DB Instance

Before configuring your application, you must create a database username and database granted with all privileges.

cPanel users

1. Go to your cPanel account.

2. Create a database user.

3. Create a new database.

4. Grant all privileges to that database.

5. Use cPanel search and find Remote MySQL.

6. Add access host (ip) to allow inbound connections.

Here, you are done with setting a MySQL/MariaDB database in cPanel shared-hosting.

Now you need to configure your Artavolo application to work with this database

1. Go to your Artavolo control panel and find page Settings.

2. On the bottom of the page you can find a Remote DataBase Storage section.

3. In DB HOST set your server IP or domain name.

4. For DB NAME enter your database name.

5. For DB USER enter your database user.

6. For DB PASS enter your database user password.

Congratulations! Your application is configured to work with a self-hosted database now.