Import Data

Artavolo makes it easy to get started with data from an existing CSV file, Google Sheet, Excel Workbook, Trello or JSON file. This article covers creating a new sheet by uploading a CSV file or pasting cell data directly from a spreadsheet program.

To import an existing spreadsheet or CSV, open the new sheet dialog by clicking the New Sheet icon:

This will open the Import data dialog. You can select a CSV file from your computer or paste table data in CSV format directly. After selecting the location and CSV file you would like to upload, click the "Import CSV" button.

Artavolo will try to detect the field types for you, but you can update them before clicking the Import CSV button.

Another way to import data is to paste it. After you paste your data, if the first row in the pasted table is not a header, you can uncheck the "Use the first row as headers" option, and every row pasted in will be added as records to the table.

After clicking the Import from Paste button, our new sheet will be created.

Converting text fields which contain commas

it is important to note that if you have a text field which contain commas, as Artavolo reads commas as separators and will create different fields, you will need to delimit the desired record name with quotation marks.

For example, if you wanted to create a single record for the company Troyan, LTD, you would need to delimit the text strings with double quotation marks so that "Troyan, LTD" becomes a single record, [Troyan, LTD], rather than two records, [Troyan] and [LTD].