Insights present you with a whole statistic about your sheet. 

Let’s see what kind of data the insights present.

There are 5 views kinds of insights:

  • Records by date
  • Most active members
  • Last records
  • Cards per list
  • Cards per due date

Here I will present you with each kind of view.

Records by date

This view shows how many rows/cards are created and updated for a specific day. You can change the chart view from the buttons near the panel title.

Most active members


This view allows you to see the Top Creators and Last Active users. Top Creators show how many records a specific user has created. Last active show the time when users were active.

Last records

The view name speaks for itself. From here you can see the most recently created and most recently edited database records. 

Cards per list

The view "Cards per list" shows the numbers of grid/rows or kanban/cards which are categorized by Status. For an example of the current screenshot, we have per one record for Done, In Progress and Select for development statuses and two records with the status To do.

Cards per due date

The "Cards per due date" show the number of grid/rows or kanban/cards which are categorized by Due date. 
There are four type of labels: 
  • Due later - records with Due date more than 7 days.
  • Due soon - records with Due date in next 7 days.
  • Over due - records with Due date in the past.
  • No due date - records with empty field for Due date.