Notes is a simple service available in the sheet. It allows you to take short notes or prepare a list of items. These notes will be visible to all collaborators who have access to the sheet. You can use the notes to share information with your colleagues or team mates.

When you open the notes tab, click the '+' button to add a new note. When you hover it, you will see two icons. The left icon is for creating a rich-text note, the right icon is for creation of list notes.

After you click the '+' button, you will see a dialog. Enter your note and click the Save & Close button.

Your note will appear in the main window. Artavolo allows you to filter your notes, mark them as important by clicking the 'Star' button. You can also add collaborators to your notes so your colleagues will be notified. The date icon shows when the note is created. 

Let's create a new List note.  With the List notes, you can quickly capture what's on your mind and share those items with your team. When we open the list note, we can add items and mark them as completed.

After we add the list note, we can see which items are completed from the main view as well.