Quick creating a Sheet with ChatGPT

In this article, you are going to find out how you can use ChatGPT for easy and quick creation of a desired sheet structure with examples.

Firstly you need to configure your ChatGPT plugin.

1. Select a Workbook and go to it's settings. Click on Configurations.

2. Go to ChatGPT tab

3. Enable ChatGPT and set your API key. Click Save to continue.

Now you are ready to use ChatGPT for creating a sheets.

Go to Add a sheet, select Import data then ChatGPT.

As you see in the window has a text field called: Please send your request to ChatGPT.

In this field, you can tell ChatGPT what sheet you want to create for you.

In our case, we asked ChatGPT to create a five-column table with the recent most luxury SUVs including their prices, horsepower, dimensions in European measures and customer feedback.

When you are ready with the request click on the button Ask ChatGPT and wait.

When the result is ready it will be displayed below.

As you see, the result is displayed as a Table structure with auto-detected column types. You can change them if you need to.

Click Import CSV and the sheet will be generated.

That's it! 

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