Sending sms messages and e-mails

In this article, I'll show you how to send SMS and e-mail messages to records in your sheet that contain phone or email fields.

To initialize a send a message, you must select records from the sheet to whom the message will be sent. After that, a Send notification button will appear in the toolbar.

After clicking it, if you have not configured your workbook to work with Twilio or SMTP, a window will appear from which you can do that.

After setting up your workbook to work with Twilio and SMTP, close the window and press the Send notification button again. After successful setup, the following window should now appear.

There you can choose what notifications you want to send (SMS message or email) and you can customize your message by having the option to insert variables.

Please note, Message Preview shows you the result before you send the official message.

After pressing the button Send, all messages from the Message preview will be sent to selected recipients.