Updating Google Spreadsheets via Zapier and Webhooks

In this article you are going to learn how to add and update Google Spreadsheet rows when Artavolo webhooks are triggered.

To successfully set up the webhook, you must have previously prepared:

  • a new Blank Sheet in Artavolo.com with columns Name, Description and Status.

  • a Zapier.com account and Google Sheet with a first row including ROW ID, NAME, DESCRIPTION and STATUS values.

Let's continue to configuration of the hooks

1. Go to Zapier.com and create a new Zapier.

2. Copy the webhook URL and switch to your Artavolo sheet.

3. Create a new webhook.

Paste the copied Webhook URL to the right field. Click save.

4. Update some row in your Artavolo sheet.

5. Switch to Zapier again. Click on Test the trigger and click Continue with selected row.

6. Select Google Sheets

Select Drive, the spreadsheet you've created, the sheet you prefer and click on the button Or add search step.

Select ROW ID as Lookup Column.

As Lookup Value you must select Data Fields Row ID.

At the bottom of field check the option Create Google Sheets Spreadsheet Row if it doesn’t exist yet?

Then select the Artavolo Webhook fields as values for the new Google Sheet row and click on the button Continue

Continue with the Update Spreadsheet and Select the Row ID as Lookup Spreadsheet Row.

After you have selected the ROW ID as record for updating, you should select the data you want to update. In the example we have selected Name, Description and Status. We are using ROW ID as ID for the row so that's why we are not updating it.

After clicking on the button Continue you need to test the Zapier and click on the button Publish.