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Scale naturally

You can start with a single user, expand to a single team and then scale up to thousands of teams, without breaking anything.


Easily plan, collaborate, organize and deliver projects

Plan and organize projects. Assign tasks, filter, sort and view data. Empower teams to move tasks from one stage to the other and visualize workflows in Kanban boards

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Task management made easier

Easy-to-understand with little to no learning curve.
Achieve goals easier, faster and smarter.

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Import your data easily!

Easily import CSV data. This is a great way to get started with tasks if you already have the data saved in a spreadsheet or a text-based CSV file.

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Getting started with Kanban

Trying to get started with Kanban? Learn about the fundamentals of the Kanban method, Kanban boards and how they can help you tackle even your most complex needs.

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Getting started with Grid

Trying to get started with Grid? Learn about the fundamentals of the Grid, how to use it and organize your data in rows and columns with special features.

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Using Artavolo, we can easily collect product feedback and bugs from everyone in the company, then parse, discuss, distribute and prioritize the work. Artavolo has became an indispensable group communication tool.

Fiona Wheeler

Product Manager

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