Mailchimp integration with Automations

In this article, you will learn how to automatically configure your sheet to create a Mailchimp contact.

You must have an Email column to use this Type of automation and you should set up Mailchimp api key and server prefix. More about the automations you can find here.

Let's create a new automation

The selected automation type should be Mailchimp integration.

If your workbook doesn't have a Mailchimp integration configured you will see the text from the image below.

Click on the setting icon to set up Mailchimp integration.

You should Enable the integration and set up your API key and Server prefix

If you don't have the required data you can get it from the link Get API Key

When the integration is successfully configured we can continue with the automation. 

The next step is to select a column which will be assigned to the integration.

When the E-mail column is selected the last thing that is left is to select the Mailchimp contact list to which you prefer to add the contacts.
If the list is empty you have to create a new one in your Mailchimp account and refresh the page.

It's done! 

When somebody adds a row or edits the cell from the selected column, the entered value (e-mail) will be added to your Mailchimp contacts list.